2019 Frontier League Draft Totals 27 Selections

The 27th season for the Frontier League officially started today with its 2019 League Draft. After two days of tryouts, the ten teams selected a total of 27 players in this year’s draft. The 2019 Frontier League Draft results are as fallows:

Round 1

  1. Gateway Grizzlies- Reign Letkeman- RHP
  2. Florence Freedom- Ed Voyles- RHP
  3. Gateway Grizzlies- Gunnar Buhner- 2B
  4. Schaumburg Boomers- Joe Dougherty- RHP
  5. Southern Illinois Miners- Cody Thompson- RHP
  6. Florence Freedom- Carson Lee- 2B
  7. Schaumburg Boomers- CJ Lee- RHP
  8. Evansville Otters- Anthony Maselli- SS
  9. Gateway Grizzlies-Fernando Villegas- C
  10. Joliet Slammers- Noah Sadler- LHP
  11. Washington Wild Things- Joe Jones- RHP

Round 2

  1. Windy City ThunderBolts- Brynn Martinez- SS
  2. Windy City ThunderBolts- Tanner Bos- 1B
  3. Schaumburg Boomers-Pass
  4. Southern Illinois Miners-Jonah Deon-Hargraves- C
  5. Florence Freedom- Pass
  6. Lake Erie Crushers- Luke Laurita- LHP
  7. Evansville Otters- Tanner Pruett- LHP
  8. Joliet Slammers- Justin Curry- RHP
  9. Washington Wild Things- Joba Ferrell- OF

Round 3

  1. Gateway Grizzlies- Pass
  2. Windy City ThunderBolts- Pass
  3. Southern Illinois Miners- Nick Duron- RHP
  4. Lake Erie Crushers- Brodie Bryan- OF
  5. Evansville Otters- Pass
  6. River City Rascals- Sam Thoele- RHP
  7. Joliet Slammers- Kevin Mampe- 3B
  8. Southern Illinois Miners- James Simpson C
  9. Lake Erie Crushers- Pass
  10. River City Rascals- Tyler Sharp- RHP
  11. Southern Illinois Miners- Heath Renz- RHP
  12. River City Rasals- Kyle Fimbrez- RHP
  13. River City Rascals- Jake Willsey- SS

We offer our congratulations to all who were drafted in 2019, and wish all the participants the best in their future endeavors. We also want to extend our appreciation to this year’s host the Joliet Slammers for their tremendous hospitality in another successful event.