2016 Y’All-Star Game Home Run Derby

Full Home Run Derby Results Florence, Ky. – Andrew Godbold delivered 13 home runs in the final round to edge Steve Marino and Marc Flores by one in a dramatic finish to the 2016 Frontier League Home Run Derby.

Starting off the round was Windy City ThunderBolts outfilder Coco Johnson and he managed to get 6 home runs. This was followed up by an impressive 11 homers from Steve Marino along with his 12 year old pairing partner Foster who got 8 home runs for a total of 19 homers in the first round. Following this show, was home town guy Florence Freedom Andrew Godbold which managed to hit 10 absolute bombs and his youth partner Carter Scheben managed to hit 5 homers for a first round total of 15.

Next batter in the first round ws Gateway Grizzlies Craig Massoni who managed to hit 9 home runs and his 12 year old youth pairing partner Luke Wiles got 5 home runs for a total of 14. Then, Schaumburg Boomer Paul Kronenfeld came up to hit 7 homers with his pairing partner Justin Huff following it up by hit 6 for a total of 13 homers.  Washington Wild Things David Popkins only managed to hit 4 homers, but his partner Jacob Masterson hit an impressive total of 9 home runs which lead the 12 year old youth Pr0- Am division thus far. Joliet Slammers Marc Flores who managed to hit 10 home runs.

The last couple batters also put on an impressive showing for the fans. Normal CornBelters Aaron Dudley hit 6 homers while his youth pairing partner Mark Dugan hit a total of 2 to bring their total to 8. After this was Traverse City Beach Bums Will Kegnor who hit a small 4 homers with Hunter Stratton his partner hitting 1 for a total of 5 homers in the round.

The 2016 Pro-Am B45 bats Home Run Derby Champions were Southern Illinois Miners Steve Marino and his 12 year old partner Foster Schuett.

The final 3 contestants of the derby where Marc Flores from the Joliet Slammers, Steve Marino from the Southern Illinois Miners, and Andrew Godbold from the home town Florence Freedom. Flores set the final-round bar high with 12. Tied with less than 15 seconds left, Godbold launched his 13th to take the lead. Sitting on 12 as the final hitter, Marino came seconds from sending the derby to a swing off, but his long ball to left came just after the buzzer.

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