Left-handed pitcher Spencer Medick was selected today by the Frontier Greys as the first overall selection in the annual Frontier League draft, completing two days of tryouts.

Medick, who turns 23 on May 23, last pitched for Elon University. In his senior season at Elon he went 7-7 with a record of 4.80 in 17 appearances (12 starts) for the Phoenix. An Arlington, Virginia native, Medick will be pitching professionally for the first time. At Elon Medick played under head coach Mike Kennedy.

“Spencer stood out for his ability to throw quality strikes with above average stuff,” said Greys manager Kyle Haines.

“Hopefully I can just go out there, help the Greys win a few games this year,” Medick said shortly after the conclusion of the draft.

The draft lasted 5 rounds. The remaining results are below. All players are listed with their most recent team or organization.

Round 1 Pick 1 Frontier Greys
Spencer Medick, LHP, Elon University

Round 1 Pick 2 Rockford Aviators
Josh Smoker, LHP, Washington Nationals Organization

Round 1 pick 3 Gateway Grizzlies (Acquired from Joliet in exchange for Frontier League Rights to Vladimir Frias)
Richard Seigel, 1B/OF, UC San Diego

Round 1 pick 4 Washington Wild Things
Joe Perrotta, RHP, Lynn University

Round 1 pick 5 Normal CornBelters
Aaron Hilt, RHP, Ashland University

Round 1 pick 6 River City Rascals
Aaron Glaum, 2B, Road Warriors

Round 1 pick 7 Southern Illinois Miners
Steven Upchurch, RHP, Chicago White Sox Organization

Round 1 pick 8 Windy City ThunderBolts
Michael McGuckin, C, Ramapo College

Round 1 pick 9 Evansville Otters
Ray Delvalle, MI, Rockford Aviators

Round 1 pick 10 Gateway Grizzlies
Gabriel Molina, C, Keystone College

Round 1 pick 11 Lake Erie Crushers (Acquired from Florence for Dave Middendorf)
Jordan Krauss, RHP, Wheeling Jesuit

Round 1 pick 12 Traverse City Beach Bums
Tanner Tripp, RHP, Peoria Explorers

Round 1 pick 13 Lake Erie Crushers
Jose Rosario, LHP, Cincinnati Reds Organization

Round 1 pick 14 Schaumburg Boomers
Mark Nelson, 1B, Florida Atlantic University

Round 2 Pick 1 Frontier Greys
Brandon Rohde, LHP, Atlanta Braves Organization

Round 2 Pick 2 Rockford Aviators
Vickash Ramjit, SS, University of Florida

Round 2 pick 3 Joliet Slammers
Troy Josza, RHP, Triton Junior College

Round 2 pick 4 Washington Wild Things
Devin Malone, RHP, University of Louisiana-Monroe

Round 2 pick 5 Normal CornBelters
Tyler Hibbs, RHP, Francis Marion University

Round 2 pick 6 River City Rascals
Anthony Foulk, C, River City Rascals

Round 2 pick 7 Southern Illinois Miners
David Dorton, C

Round 2 pick 8 River City Rascals (Acquired from Windy City for Dyllon Nuerenberg)
Bryan Aanderud, 2B, River City Rascals

Round 2 pick 9 Evansville Otters
Connor Kerins, LHP,

Round 2 pick 10 Gateway Grizzlies
Oliver Van Zant, RHP, Trois Riveres Aigles

Round 2 pick 11 Florence Freedom
Edgar Valle, RHP

Round 2 pick 12 Traverse City Beach Bums
Spiker Helms, 2B, Gateway Grizzlies

Round 2 pick 13 Lake Erie Crushers

Round 2 pick 14 Schaumburg Boomers
Joe Karlik, RHP, Kansas City Royals Organization

Round 3 Pick 1 Frontier Greys

Round 3 Pick 2 Rockford Aviators

Round 3 pick 3 Joliet Slammers
Tony Sanchez, C, Joliet Slammers

Round 3 pick 4 Washington Wild Things
Michael Pair, C, Gateway Grizzlies

Round 3 pick 5 Normal CornBelters

Round 3 pick 6 River City Rascals

Round 3 pick 7 Southern Illinois Miners

Round 3 pick 8 Windy City ThunderBolts
Jon Mestas, 3B, SUNY-Buffalo

Round 3 pick 9 Evansville Otters

Round 3 pick 10 Gateway Grizzlies

Round 3 pick 11 Florence Freedom
Greg McDaniel, RHP, Peoria Explorers

Round 3 pick 12 Traverse City Beach Bums

Round 3 pick 14 Schaumburg Boomers
Heith Hatfield, RHP, University of Memphis

Round 4 pick 1 Joliet Slammers

Round 4 pick 2 Washington Wild Things

Round 4 pick 3 Windy City ThunderBolts

Round 4 pick 4 Florence Freedom
Thomas Gentile, LHP, University of Cincinnati

Round 4 pick 5 Schaumburg Boomers

Round 5 pick 1 Florence Freedom
Alex Johnson, OF, Miami (Ohio)

Following the draft, RHP Will Rankin signed with the Traverse City Beach Bums and OF Deaun Williams signed with the Frontier Greys.

All 14 Frontier League franchises begin Spring Training on Thursday, May 1.